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Q: How many halfs are in one whole?
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How many one-halfs are in 1?

2 … there are two 'halves' in a 'whole'

How many halfs to make one million?

2 million halfs make 1 million.

What is a fraction greater than 1 whole?

3/2 or 3 halfs or another way to say it is 1 and 1/2. This is just one answer out of many others :)

How many halfs are in a college game?


What is the plural for halfs?

The plural for half is halves not halfs.

How many halfs equal a third?


How many types of wasps are there and what are they?

two and three halfs

How many periods are there in Rugby?

They play 2 halfs

How many halfs in a soccer game?

2 (two)

How many periods in soccer?

4 quarters 2 halfs professional = 2 45 minute halfs w/o overtime or time added.

How many halfs are there in a soccer game?

the are 2 half of a football game by momo

What is one third of 1 and a half cups?

half a cup.......three halfs go into one and a half

How many hundredths 1 whole?

100 hundredths are in one whole.

How many eights in one whole?

Eight one eights make a whole.

How many halfs are in two fifths?

.2 halves in 2/5 There is only ONE half in 2/5 and it is 2/10 (same as 1/5 or ,2)

Largest population of children a family has?

with only one couple, no halfs or steps the highest, I think, is 17.

What number is three times one-half the number that is one-eighth less than three sixteenths?

2 and three halfs

Is it halves or halfs or half's?


How many ounces make one whole?

The question needs more detail. One whole what?

How many eights make one whole?

eight eghts make a whole

How many one third make one whole?


How many half are in one whole?


How many judges that are in the whole bible?


How many tenths are there in one whole?


How many 34th are in one whole?


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