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Q: How many halved pecans are in a pound?
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How many pounds of whole pecans make a pound of shelled pecans?

16 onces=1lb

How many cups of pecans in a pound?

About three cups!

How many cups of pecans equal a pound?

A cup is equivalent to eight ounces. There are sixteen ounces in a pound, so there are two cups pecans in a pound.

What is the price per pound in shell pecans?

It varies from $4.25 to $4.81 in lots that are less then 80 pecans per pound. This makes them anywhere from 40 to 53 percent meat in total weight. Some pecans have up to a 60 percent edible weight but for the most part between 40 to 53 per pound is what you normally see.

How much are pecans worth per lb?

0.75 a pound

How many pounds of cashew nuts worth 75 cents a pound must be mixed with 10 pounds of pecans worth 1.50 a pound to make a mixture worth 1.00 a pound?

Twenty pounds.

How much does a pound of pecans cost in nc?

23.37$ tax included :D

A bag of pecans weight 48 ounces. how many pounds is that?

There are 16 ounces in a pound. Thus, 48 ounces is equal to 3 pounds.

How much does 1 quart of shelled pecans weigh?

It depends on the crop each year. Pecans have cycles of growth and if you get an off year, the price goes up. It is not unusual to pay as much as nine dollars a pound for shelled pecans. In the boom year, they generally run about six dollars a pound.

How many pounds of pecans are in a gallon?

How many pounds of pecans do I have in a 55 gallon trash can

How many tablespoons of pecans are needed to produce 14 tablespoons?

14 tablespoons pecans = 14 tablespoons pecans

What is the weight of a one-gallon bag of dry pecans?

3.8 cups of dry, shelled pecans weigh about a pound. In volume measure, one gallon would be about 16 cups. Therefore, one gallon of shelled pecans would weigh approximately 4.2 pounds.