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Seven of them.

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Q: How many halves are in three and five tens?
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How many ones are in five tens?

10,10,10,10,10, which shows that there are five ones in five tens.

How many tens are in one hundred forty five?

14 tens and five ones

How many tens equal five hundreds?

50 tens

How many tens in five thousand?

There are 500 tens in five thousand because 500*10 = 5000

How many tens are in 50?

Five of them

How many tens in five hundred?


What is the place of 3 in 523?

Three units. The number is five hundreds, two tens and three units.

How many tens are in three hundred thousand?

300,000/10 = 30,000 tens.

How many tens are in 5?

20 Five has a half of a ten.

What has five?

five ones five tens

How many tens are in three hundred six?


How many tens are there in 3000?

There are three hundred.

How do you write one number for five million and twenty eight tens?

Five million is 5,000,000 28 tens is 280 So five million + 28 tens is 5,000,280

What is two hundreds plus three tens and five lots of eight Answer?

270 = 200 + 30 + 40

How many three digit numbers have 7 tens?


How many cents are in six tens and three fourths?


How many tens 130?

Three of them or 130/10 = 13

How do you explain how many tens in 7652?

The seven is thousands The six is hundreds The five is tens The two is singles So there are over 765 tens 765.2 x 10 = 7,652

How many ones is five hundred tens?

500 × 10 = 5000 ones

How many tens are in three thousand one hundred and two?


How many tens in 2 830?

Three of them or 2830/10 = 283

What is six tens plus five twentys?

six tens = 60 five twenties = 100 So the sum = 160

Which of these numbers does 5 have a value the same value as five tens?


How many tens are there in 9 and 3?

there r probaly no tens in nine or in three because in order for it to be a ten in nine and in three it would have to be a big number like 89 or 56 in order fro nine and three to have tens in them so the answer is non i guest. by:swagger gurl

How do you write five hundred thousands three hundreds eight tens ninety four thousands and six ones in figures?

Five hundred thousands is 500,000 Three hundreds is 300 Eight tens is 80 Ninety four thousands is 94,000 Six ones is 6 Combined they give you 594,386 Note that when we describe numbers in words we usually do it in descending order, so we would normally refer to it as "five hundred ninety-four thousand three hundred eighty-six" or "five hundred thousands, nine ten thousands, four thousands, three hundreds, eight tens, and six ones"