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Halves means cut into 2 equal pieces. If you cut all the apples into halves then you now have 2 pieces of apple where you used to have 1. And if you have 8 apples cut into 2 pieces then that is the same as: 8 (apples) x 2 (pieces of apple) = 16 halves of apple.

Try getting 8 things and cutting them half. Paper works well. Keep the halves or two pieces together. Count all 2 pieces that came from 8 things. There shouldbe 16.

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16 cause if you cut one apple you get to so all you have to do is multiply 8 by 2 or add 2 eight times and that is how you get your answer

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Q: How many halves in 8 apples?
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16 halves

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this it 8

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How many halves are in r5 halve s

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