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Two ...

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Q: How many halves make up one whole?
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How many halves make a whole one?


How many halves in ten whole?

twenty. Two halves make one whole. So in ten wholes there are 10 x 2 = 20 halves.

Does 2 halves make a whole?

yes, in the mathematical sense. In a practical sense, perhaps not. A half dozen eggs and a half gallon of milk does not make a whole of anything. Neither does two shank halves of ham make a whole ham nor two half-sisters make one whole sister.

How many one-halfs are in 1?

2 … there are two 'halves' in a 'whole'

How many half gallon equal one gallon?

It takes two halves of anything to make a whole one.

What must be added to a half to make it a whole?

2 halves make a whole. So if you have one half then you need another one to make it a whole. 1/2 + 1/2 = 1

How many half notes are equal to four quarter notes?

Four quarter-notes is one whole note. There are two halves in one whole.

How many fourths are in two halves?

Two halves is the same as a whole, in other words two halves equals one. In symbols, 2/2=1. So the question is how many fourths equal 1? The answer is 4/4 =1.

How is 4 divided by 0.5 eight?


What is one whole plus one half?

One whole plus one half is 3 halves or 1 1/2.

How does one plus one plus one equal one?

1 plus 1 equals one when you put two smaller things together which are both halves and they equal 1 whole when you put them together in a whole that is the size of both of the halves together for example if you put 1 half of a sandbox and another half of a sandbox together they make a whole sandbox that is totally full.

How many one-thirds make 7 halves?

Ten and 1/2 of them.

How many halves are equal to one whole?

15 * * * * * 2 of them

How many eights make one whole?

eight eghts make a whole

How many halves in 7 and a half?

There are two halves in one so there are 15 halves in 7 1/2

How many eights in one whole?

Eight one eights make a whole.

How many calories in one pecan?

20 calories for a whole pecan. They're usually served as halves, so 10 each.

Why Does 4 quarters equal a sandwich?

Quarter means one fourth, four of them equal one whole complete thing. 2 halves is one whole, and 4 quarters is one whole.

What fraction is one half added to eight wholes?

Each whole is two halves, so eight wholes are sixteen halves. Adding one half makes the total seventeen halves. Reducing this, of course, is simply eight and one-half.

How many 5ths make one whole?


What is 2 halves subtract a quarter?

Two halves equal: One whole. Minus one quarter from the 'one whole', equals: Three fourths If you think of it in u.s. money, two halves .50 cent pieces, equals a total of one whole dollar. If you take a quarter, 1/4 away, you have 3 quarters left. Since 4 quarters make up a whole dollar, by taking away one of the quarters, you are left with 3 quarters. In fraction terms, your left with: 3/4 Hope that answers your question :o)

How many halves in one?

There are two halves in one. a half (1/2) is 1 out of two

How many holes could you make out of 17 halves?

8 wholes with one half left over

How many ounces make one whole?

The question needs more detail. One whole what?

You are in a room with a saw and piece of wood how do you get out?

You are supposed to saw the wood in half. Two halves make a whole. You jump through the "hole" and you're out. In elementary, there was a similar one, but it was with a mirror and a table. You look in the mirror you see what you saw. You take the saw. Then you saw the table in half. Two halves make a whole. You jump through the hole and you're out.