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Given that this is a riddle, there are many answers possible depending on the way you think about it: * One horse: after the first horse is put in the barn, it isn't empty. Mathematically, we can work out how many horses would fit if we can arrange whatever way we like: * 6730.77 horses: The volume of the barn divided by the volume of a horse gives the number of horse volumes that could fit in the barn volume. * 437.5 horses: If horses cannot be stacked, this is the area of the barn floor divided by the area a horse takes up giving the number of horses that fit if only one level of horses goes in the barn. In reality, we cannot fit parts of a horse or put them in any shape we want like a liquid: * 6555 horses: 437 horses per level and we can fit 15 levels of horses in the barn. * 437 horses: this is the number of horses that fit if we cannot stack horses and we cannot fit parts of horses around them.

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Q: How many horses can you fit into an empty barn that is 100 feet high and 50 feet wide and 70 feet long if a horse is 6.5 feet high 4 feet long and 2 feet wide?
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