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Four hours
Two hundred forty minutes

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Q: How many hours and minutes are between 0930 and 1330?
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How long will it take to travel 1330 miles at 85 miles per hour?

Well, just do the basic math... 1330/85 = 15.65 Now, we know it was 15 hours and to know the minutes just multiply 0.65x60 = 39 (because an hour has 60 minutes) Therefore it will take 15 hours and 39 minutes to travel that distance.

What is the difference between a 1310 and a 1330 you joint?

They are Ujoints not 'you' 1310 is 3.219" 1330 is 3.625" 1330 is for the Rubicon.

What is 130 milltary time?

1330 hours

What is 1330 hours?

1:30 pm

How many hours is 730 till 1330?


What is Singapore time when CET is 1330 hours?

A Central European Time (CET) of 1330 hours equates to 2030 hours (8:30 p.m.) Singapore time. The time difference between the Central European time zone and the Singapore time zone is seven hours while Central Europe is on standard time and six hours while Central Europe is on daylight savings time. Singapore never observes daylight savings time.

How long does it take to go 3470 miles at approximately 1330 mph?

3 hours 36 minutes 32 seconds at a constant 1,330 mph, excluding speed changes, delays or stops.

Why was the Parliament of the early 1700s not truly a representative legislature?

Usually by 1700 many parliament members have gone home, so any decisions have low impact with fewer members and thats not seen as very represenative. The best time for comming up with ideas and acts is between 0930 and 1500 when most members are present, avoiding 1200-1330 for lunch :-)

What time is it in Canada when its 1130 EST?

1130 EST= 0830 PST (Nov-Mar only)= 0930 PDT (Mar-Nov only)= 0930 MST= 1030 MDT (Mar-Nov only)= 1030 CST= 1130 CDT (Mar-Nov only)= 1230 EDT (Mar-Nov only)= 1230 AST= 1300 NST (Nov-Mar only)= 1330 ADT (Mar-Nov only)= 1400 NDT (Mar-Nov only)

What is the driving distance between Austin TX and Wausau WI?

About 1330 miles

What is the percentage of 1330 out of 2919?

1330 out of 2919 is 45.56%

What is half of 1330?

1330 / 2 is equal to 665.