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It depends on where it is. In my house, the answer is Zero.

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Q: How many hours does an air conditioner operate in day?
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How many volts does an air conditioner operate on?


How does RV air conditioner work?

An RV air conditioner works much like an air conditioner in any vehicle. It has a compressor and a condenser that operate in concert to cool the air. In an RV, the air conditioner runs off of a generator when the engine is off.

Why does the air conditioner require electric to operate?

The Air Conditioner needs electricity to power all the electrical controls, operate the compressor that pushes the refrigerant through the system, and run the fans.

How many kilowatts does an air conditioner use per hour?

It depends on the size of the air conditioner. But an air conditioner along with all electrical equipment will use an amount of watts or kilowatts continuously. The energy used is measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours, in other words multiply the watts by the hours it is switched on.

Can a single phase generator run a 3 phase air conditioner?

No, a single phase generator can not be used to operate a three phase air conditioner.

Is it more economical to run a 110v window air conditioner at night than to keep using your 220v air conditioner?

Use the air conditioner whose product of votage X amps is the lowest if you want to pay the least to operate.

Can an air conditioner unit running on 250 volts be run directly by 120 volts?

No, the unit has to operate on the voltage specified. The internal controls are all designed to operate on a 240 volt input. The motor in the air conditioner will not operate at the lower voltage and without this compressor motor operating the unit will not get cold.

Is it toxic to operate a window air conditioner indoors?

No, not toxic. Just silly. The air conditioner works on exchanging heat for cool. If you run the ac unit indoors, it will actually get warmer!

Can you opperate 277v ptac air conditioners on 240v service?


Your york air conditioner will not come on it makes a humming sound for a minute then stop?

The York Air Conditioner that will not come on after it makes a humming sound then stops might have an issue with the electrical current going to the machine. It is possible that the fan is also the culprit. The fan has to come on before the air conditioner can operate properly.

Can you run an air conditioner on its side?

No, the oil will run out of the compressor causing it to seize. An air conditioner can be stored on it's side but if it is allow 24 hours before starting it.

What store has a portable air conditioner for sale?

To have a variety of portable air conditioners and many selections you can visit the website: It has not one type of air conditioner but many shapes and designs. The store gives you options on what type of air conditioner you are looking into.

How many syllables are in the word air conditioner?

"Air conditioner" has five syllables. Air-con-di-tion-er.

How long do you wait to turn on air conditioner after lying on side?

24 hours

Will truck still operate without air conditioner attached?

Well, how is the air conditioner "unattached", exactly? If it's on a serpentine belt and you want to bypass the compressor, you have to make sure you have the right length of belt and that it's properly routed. If you simply pulled out the AC relays, the truck should still operate normally.

Why does the air conditioner smell like vinegar when turned on?

because you have too many dead babies in your air conditioner tank

What is the lowest temp on air conditioner?

If you are talking about an automobile a/c then they can operate as low as 34 degrees as long as the unit cycles......

What is the definition of air conditioner?

The word, 'air conditioner' is a noun. The definition of air conditioner is a machine that controls the humidity and temperature of the air.

How many tons is the comfortmaker softsound SX 2300 13 seer air conditioner?

Model N4A324AKB200 Comfortmaker air conditioner how many tons unite is it?

What would cause a 2001 Hyundai tiburon's air conditioner to malfunction?

There are many ways for a Hyundai tiburon's air conditioner to mulfunction.

How do you know if you need air conditioner refrigerant in your home?

If your air conditioner blows air but it's not cold air then you probably need freon in your air conditioner

Can anybody fix my air conditioner?

Yes, there are people that will service an air conditioner and will fix the air conditioner if the air conditioner is broken. The local Sears store in your community has this service available.

Where can one find air conditioner parts?

You can find air conditioner parts to replace the old ones on your current air conditioner in an electronic store (or where you bought your air conditioner) or on the internet.

Who and when invented the air conditioner?

There was a modern air conditioner that was invented in 1902. This air conditioner was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier.

What does an air conditioner do?

An air conditioner cools or heats the air entering your home.