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The inches in a diameter = 2 X inches in the radius.

Or, inches in a diameter = inches in circumference / pi

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Q: How many inches are a diameter?
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How many 0.50 inches diameter pipes are equal to the 1.50 inches diameter pipe?


180 inches in diameter is how many inches in width?

Diameter is the width of a circular or spherical figure or object. Something 180 inches in diameter is also 180 inches in width or thickness.

How many Inches is diameter if radius is 9 yards?

The diameter is twice the radius in inches: 18*36 = 648 inches

How many inches across is 60 diameter?

Would that be 60 inches across for a 60 inch diameter?

How many inches is earth in diameter?

104 million inches.

How many inches diameter in 5.5 centimeters?

2.16535 inches.

How many inches in diameter is one standard yard?

One yard is 36 inches - whether in diameter or otherwise.

What is Diameter of softball in inches?

The diameter of a softball is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter. The diameter of a softball is about 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

How many inches diameter is an adult giraffe's hoof?

12 inches

How many inches is 32 mm diameter?

32mm is 1.26 inches.

How many inches in diameter is a standard CD?

A standard CD is 4.75 5 inches rounded in diameter.

How many lineal inches in a 8 inch diameter circle?

A circle with an 8-inch diameter has a perimeter of 25.1 inches.

What is the diameter of an atom in inches?

Given an atom with diameter of 100 picometers, the diameter in inches is 4 nano inches.

How many inches in 8 diameter?


How many inches is a basketball in diameter?


How big is twelve inches in diameter?

Twelve inches is a length. It can be a diameter, but if it is a diameter, you would simply say 'The circle is 12 inches diameter'. So; how big is it - it is 12 inches.

How many inches are around a baseball?

2 3/8 inches to 3 inches in diameter

How many linear inches in 40 inch diameter?

What do you mean? 40 inches = 40 inches.

What is diameter in inches if circumference is 117 inches?

Diameter = 117/pi inches

How many square inches in a 4 inch diameter?

In a circle with a diameter of 4, there would be approximately 12.56 square inches in the circle.

How many lineal inches in a 12 inches circle?

The circumference of a circle, with a diameter of 12 inches, is 37.7 inches.

What is there if the radius is 7 inches and the diameter is 14 inches?

A circle 14 inches in diameter has a radius of 7 inches, and a circle having a radius of 7 inches has a diameter of 14 inches.

How many inches around circle is 20 inches diameter?


80 mm diameter is how many inches?

80 millimeters is 3.15 inches.

How many inches is 10 mm in diameter?

10 millimetres = 0.393700787 inches

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