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Q: How many inches are in eighteen feet?
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Related questions

How many inches in one and a half feet?

Eighteen inches.

What does eighteen feet equal?

Eighteen feet is equal to 216 inches. (12 inches per foot multiplied by 18) Or eighteen feet equals 6 yards. (3 feet in each yard, 18 divided by 3).

How long is eighteen inches in feet?

1.5 feet. (1 foot 6 inches)

1and a half yard equals how many inches?

A yard is three feet, and a foot is twelve inches. Multiply twelve by three and you get forty-eight. Half of three is one and a half, so that would be eighteen inches. Add eighteen and forty-eight is sixty-six. One yard is forty-eight inches, and one and a half feet is eighteen inches. Thus, a one and a half yard is sixty-six inches.

What is the square footage of eighteen feet by fifthteen and a half inches?

Convert the inches to feet (dividing by 12), then multiply. The result is then in square feet.

Convert eighteen and one half square feet to inches?

18.5 square feet = 2664 square inches

How many inches is EIGHTEEN CENTIMETERS?

7.1 inches

How many feet are in eighteen cubits?

There are 18x1,5=27 feet in eighteen cubits.

How many inches are in a haft a yard?

18 (Eighteen) inches.

How long is eighteen inches?

eighteen inches

Size of basketball court?

Ten feet if your talking about the height. The diameter of the rim is eighteen inches.

31 inches equals how many feet and inches?

31 inches = how many feet and inches 2 feet and 7 inches

How much sand for eighteen square feet by four inches deep?

Two thirds of a cubic yard.

How many feet and inches are in 97 feet?

97 feet = 97 feet or 1,164 inches.

If 76 inches equals how many feet and how many inches?

6 feet 4 inches.

How many feet and inches in 70 inches?

70 inches = 5.83333333 feet 70 inches = 70 inches

How do you convert inches to feet and inches?

However many amounts of 12 there are, that is how many feet, and then the remaining will be how many inches.

How many feet and inches are in 260 feet?

260 feet is 260 feet 0 inches, or 3,120 inches.

How many inches and feet equal 54 inches?

54 inches is 4 feet 6 inches.

How many inches is in 5.5 feet?

There are 66 inches in 5.5 feet.

How many inches are in 8991 feet?

There are 107,892 inches in 8991 feet.

How many feet is 70 inches?

70 inches are 5.8333333333 feet.

30 inches is equal to how many feet?

2 feet and inches

How many feet 100 inches?

100 inches = 8.33333 feet

How many yards in eighteen feet?

6 yards.