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One Yard equals three feet. Thus, four yards equals twelve feet. One foot has twelve inches. If you take the four yards (twelve feet), and add them to three feet, you get fifteen feet. Take the fifteen feet, each one containing twelve inches, and multiply them by twelve. Fifteen times twelve equals 180. Therefore, there are 180 inches in four yards, three feet. 4 (yards) x 3 = 12 (feet) 12+3= 15 (feet) 15 x 12 = 180 (inches)

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Q: How many inches are in four yards and three feet?
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Are three yards greater than or less than twelve feet?

Twelve feet is four yards; there are three feet to a yard. Three yards is only nine feet.

604 feet equals how many yards and feet?

Six hundred four feet equals 16.777777777778 yards, or 16 yards two feet and 4.8 inches.

How may inches are in four yards?

Well there are twelve inches in a foot. And three feet in a yard, so there are thirty six inches in one yard. So there are 144 inches in a yard.

How many inches in twenty four yards?

24 yards = 72 feet. (there are 3 feet in 1 yard).

How many ft 3in are equal to 51 in?

There are four and a quarter feet in 51 inches or four feet, three inches.

How many 24 yards are in a foot?

A yard is three feet, so twenty-four yards would be three times twenty four feet, or seventy two feet. The would then be 1/72 of these lengths in a foot.

What does 5 yards equals to?

Five yards equals 15 feet, or roughly four and a half meters. It is also 180 inches.

2 miles and 5292 feet equals 3 miles and how many yards?

Three miles and four yards.

Does 4 feet equals 1 yard?

No. Three feet equals a yard. Four feet is one and a third yards.

3 yards 1 foot equals?

It can also be expressed as three and one third yards or as four foot. There are three feet per yard.

How many inches are equal to 4 yards?

Four yards is 144 inches.

A foot has 12 inches How many inches are there in four yards?

There are 144 inches in 4 yards.