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12 inches

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Q: How many inches diameter is an adult giraffe's hoof?
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Related questions

What shape is a giraffes hoof?

The Giraffe has wedge-shaped hoofs to carry their heavy weight (1200 to 4000 pounds). The front of the hoof is five or six inches high and the fetlock is very low in the back.

How big is the foot of a draft horse?

That all depends on the breed and the individual horse. A Clydesdale's or Percheron's hoof, for example, may measure about the size of a dinner plate, which is at least 10 inches in diameter. By comparison, the hoof of a Thoroughbred or Quarter horse may only be around 4 to 5 inches in diameter; a pony's hoof a bit smaller, again, depending on the breed.

What is the size of a giraffes hoof?

about the size of a dinner plate

Do giraffes have toes?

No, as giraffes are beautiful hooved creatures, and they belong to an animal group that had a split in the hoof - but no, a giraffe doesn't have toes.

How big is a horses hoof?

How big a horse's hoof is varies depending on the size of the horse. Some horses have a hoof that is just 4 inches across. Some horses have a hoof 8 inches or more across.

Dog is to paw as hoof is to?

horse Answer2: Dog is to paw as sheep, goats, deer, cattle, horses, bison, pigs, camels, giraffes, etc. are to hoof.

How big are cow hooves?

Mature cows can have hooves that are 8 inches long by 6 to 7 inches wide. Size of the hoof really depends on the size of the bovine. Typically the larger the animal the bigger the hoof.

How tall is 15hh?

15 hands is 60 inches (5 feet) from hoof to withers. There are 4 inches in a hand

How can giraffes save themselves?

A well timed, well aimed, swift kick (with either front or rear hoof) will stop most predators in their tracks.

How much does an adult's horse's hoof wall grow per month?

About 1/2".

How big is a llamas hoof?

Llamas have a foot, not a hoof. They have 2 toes with soft pads on the bottom and a toenail covering the front of each which must be trimmed occasionally. An average llama footprint is about 5 inches long, 3 inches wide.

How many inches long should a miniature horse's hoof be?

preety tiny

How tall is 20 hands tall?

80 inches tall from the hoof to the top of the wither.

How many inches is a hand when measuring a horse?

One hand is four inches and you measure from the horse's hoof to its withers (highest point on his/her body)

Foot is to man as a horse?


How much does an adult horse's hoof wall grow per month?

It depends on the breed and hoof wall stimulation and health of the hoof really. But in general, 1/4-1/2 a inch a month. Drafts tend to grow hoof wall a lot faster. I work on a draft cross mare's hooves and she grows about an inch of hoof wall in four weeks. For Howrse Archimedes question: 1/4 - 1/2 inch. :)

What is 3 adult names for horse?

Appalachian Gold, Black Hoof Express, Lady Sadie, Arabella's Charm.

What is the average size of a whitetail deer?

A good whitetail ranges from 36-42 inches from hoof to shoulder.

What is the unit of measurement used to measure the height of horse?

When measuring a horse, the unit we use is called a 'hand'. I forget exactly how many inches it is, but it comes from the distance between the tip of the thumb and little finger of an open adult palm. To measure, you go from the ground at the front hoof (either side) up to the withers (shoulders). I think 16h is about 64 inches.

What is the measurement of a horse?

in Hands 1 hand = 4 inches from hoof to withers (at base of neck where mane stops)

How long is a horses tail on average?

Just above their hoof mabey five inches up... about 3 feet

What is Hoof Rot?

Bacterial infection of the hoof, which primarily occurs in the frog of the hoof, not the actual hoof.

Dog is to paw as horse is to?

leg Hoof. the only animals that have "legs'' are horses all other animals have paws.

Can a horse scratch its ear with its hoof?

Foals can and adult horses as well, although the ability is slowly lost as the horse grows and matures.

What is a fore-hoof?

The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.The hoof of a front leg.