How many inches equal 1feet?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How many inches equal 1feet?
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3feet 3inches plus 1feet 7inches equal?

4 feet 10 inches

How many inches in 1feet?

The singular of feet is foot. One foot is twelve inches.

How much is 12 inches and 1feet?

2 feet or 24 inches...

How tall his 5.25 feet tall in inches?

63inches. 1feet=12inches

How tall is a male Jack Russell terrier?

about 1feet tall or 11 inches

What is 4 feet 10 inches plus 1feet and 4inches?

6 ft 2 in

What is 1 foot and 9 inches?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1feet =12 inches 1 feet 9 inches =21 inches

How many meters a foot?


1feet equals how many meter?


150 cm is how many feet tall?

152 cm = 4' 11.8"

How many inches is equal to 50NB?

50mm is equal how many inches

How many 4 yards 1feet?

4 yards are 12 feet.