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This answer assumes that you are going to cut the moulding ends 45 degrees to attach together at corners.

This answer assumes that the mat width is somewhat larger than the 3 inches around the photo so the mat will extend far enough behind the frame in order to attach it the frame, possibly with a staple gun.

Simply there will be 3 inches on each side, therefore adding 6 inches to the 7 width, becoming 13 inches. Then add twice the moulding width to the 13 inches, giving the length of your top and bottom moulding.

Then for the side mouldings add 6 inches to 10 giving 16 inches plus twice the moulding width, giving the total length of the sides.

Formula would be-

2(7+3+3+moulding width+moulding width) + 2(10+3+3+moulding width+moulding width)

Simplified - 58 inches + (8 x moulding width).

Also allow an extra inch or so for the widths of the blade that you will be using to cut the frame pieces to length at 45 deg.

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Q: How many inches of molding will it take to frame a picture with dimensions 7 x 10 inches if there is to be a 3inch mat around the picture?
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