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There is no equivalence.

An inch per second is a measure of speed while a second is a measure of time. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid without some addition information.

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Q: How many inches per second are in 14 seconds?
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How many inches per second is 32 yards a minute?

1 yard = 36 inches 1 minute = 60 seconds ∴ 32 yards per minute = 32( 36 inches ) per ( 60 seconds ) = 1152 inches per 60 seconds = 19.2 inches per second

How do you figure 80 feet per minute equals how many inches per second?

80 feet per minute = 960 inches per 60 seconds Divide both sides by 60 16 inches per second

How can you convert 10 meters per minute to inches per seconds?

10 m per minute = 393.7008 inches per minute = 393.7008/60 inches per second = 6.5617 inches per second.

How do you convert 24 ft per hour to inches per second?

24 ft is 288 inches an hour is 3600 seconds 288/3600 inches/second .08 inches/second

How do you solve 0.02inches per second is equivalent to how many feet per hour?

0.02 inches/second (1 foot/12 inches)(3600 seconds/1 hour) = 6 feet per hour =============

88 inches per seconds into miles per day?

88 inches per second equates to 120 miles per day.

How many inches per second is 6 mile an hour?

6 mile/hour (5280 feet/1 mile)(12 inches/1 foot)(1 hour/3600 seconds) = 105.6 inches per second ----------------------------------

How do you convert 35 yards per minute into inches per 1 second?

I multiply it by 36 as there are 36 inches in each yard to get inches per minute and divide by 60 as there are 60 seconds in each minute to get inches per second.

What is 99 inches pre seconds?

If you want to convert that to meters per second, multiply the number of inches by 0.0254.

If you walked 300 seconds per mile how many feet per second?

300 seconds per mile = 17.6 feet per second

What does 4.5 meters convert to inches per minute?

This question has no answer because you cannot convert meters to inches per minute.However,If the question were, "How can you convert 4.5 meters per second to inches per minute", then the process to arrive at this answer would be:4.5 * meters/second * inches/meter * seconds/minuteOne inch is the same as 2.54cm; so, we can use this fact to determine how many inches are in a meter.100cm/(2.54cm/inch) ~ 39.3701 inchesThere are 60 seconds in a minute.We now have all of the numbers we need ...The number we get is 4.5 * 39.3701 * 60 ~ 10629.93The unit we get ismeters/second * inches/meter * seconds/minute(simplify meters) -> 1/second * inches/1 * seconds/minute(simplify seconds) -> 1/1 * inches/1 * 1/minute(simplify numbers) -> inches/1 * 1/minute(simplify expression) -> inches/minuteThe full answer would then be ~10629.93 inches/minute

What is the average speed of a rabbit that runs a distance of 26 inches a time of 3.0 seconds?

26 inches in 3.0 seconds = 8.7 inches per second (to one sig fig).