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Q: How many inhes in 45cm x 36cm x 20cm?
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How many in 20cm?

If you mean how many mm in 20cm then there are 200mm

How many mm equal to 36cm?


How many cm equals 450mm?


How many more do you add to 45cm to make 1 meter?

1 meter = 100 cmTherefore 55cm + 45cm = 100cm

How many km in in 36 cm?

36cm is 0.00036km

How many cenimeterrs in 18inches?

45cm (2.5 centimetres in an inch)

1 m is how many times as long as 20cm?

5 times 20cm = 1 meter

36cm equals how many inches?

36 centimeters = 14.1732283 inches

Wiki ans. How many ft. is 20cm?

20cm is approximately 8 inches or 2/3 of a foot

How many centimeters are in 200 mm?


How many cm are in 0.2 m?


How many inches are in four thirds of a foot?

If you mean 4/3 then 4/3 of 12 inhes is 16 inches