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Two weeks.

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Q: How many is forthnight in weeks long?
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How many weeks in a forthnight?

There are zero weeks in a forthnight because forthnight is not a real word! There are 2 weeks in a FORTNIGHT.

What is a forthnight?

A fortnight is 14 days or 2 weeks in length.

What is the meaning of forthnight?

It is a period of time lasting 2 weeks in duration.

Is forthnight a real word?

Nope! It appears to be a misspelling of "Fortnight."

If your weeks were six days long how many weeks would be in a year?

60.875 (Apprx)

How many weeks does a woman carry her baby?

The whole period takes about 9 months.

How long are Americans Christmas holidays?

For many about 2 weeks. Schools often take 3 weeks now.

For how many weeks can you keep books?

as long as you want to unless it's a rental. if it's a rental maybe about 1 or 3 weeks it matters how long they let you:D

How long were the Olympics?

About 2-5 weeks long or it could of been 1.3 months long if there were many people depends

Why doesn't Australia have a long summer break?

Australian schools do have along summer break. The summer break is a minimum of six weeks long and, in many private schools, up to eight weeks long.

How long does it take planaria to regrow?

They live for many weeks.

How many days are in 10 weeks?

A week is 7 days long so 10 weeks would be 10x7 or 70 days.