How many is one pair?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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One pair is two, as in one pair of shoes.

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Q: How many is one pair?
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How many syllables are in the word pair?

The word pair has one syllable.

How many piercing does China Anne mcClain have?

she has two pair of piercings one pair up on the top of her ears and one pair on the bottom

What is the pair of the number 50?

There is no "the" pair: there are many pairs. One such is 5*10

How many shoes are there in a pair?

There are two shoes in a pair, one for each foot.

How many lone pair of electrons are there in ammonia?

one lone pair of electrons

How many bluetooth Items can a person pair with one cell phone?

You can pair with many items that will allow connectivity.

How many non bonding electron parts are in the ammonia molecule?

There are only one pair. There is a one pair on N atom.

Incorrect word from a pair of homonyms?

There are many incorrect words that can be put into a pair of homonyms. One incorrect pair is home and hone.

How many perpendicular diagonals are in a rhombus?

One pair

How many heart of pheritima posthama?

one pair

How many pairs of uropod on a crayfish?

One pair

How many pairs of cromosome do humans have?

one pair