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Q: How many is wasted when 18dm is cut from 2m by 2m piece of cloth?
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How many 1dm square tiles are needed for a bathroom 2.4x1.8m?

2.4m = 24dm 1.8m = 18dm Area = 18dm*24dm = 432dm2 432dm2/1dm2 = 432 square tiles

How many one-third meter of cloth can be cut from a piece of cloth 18 meters long?

The answer will be 18 / (1/3) or 18 x 3 = 54 pieces

If a piece of cloth is 4 feet by 3 feet how many square meters is it?

Answer: 12 ft² = 1.11483 m²

How many meters are left if you cut 16.5 meters from a piece of cloth 35m long?

18.5 metres are left.

How can a piece of cloth measuring 3.5metre be torn into smaller pieces each measuring 50 cm in length?

upasana has a piece of cloth that measures 3.5 meters . How many smaller pieces can she make of each measuring 50 centimeter in length

How many syllables does wasted have?

Wasted has two syllables, was-ted

Why a glass panes of windows and doors look cleaner when they are cleaned with a piece of newspaper instead of a piece of cloth?

because many small fibres sticks on the door but news paper does not have fibre

How many dusters 18 in wide and 2.5 ft long can be cut from a 50 yd piece of cloth if it is 36 in wide?

150 dusters exactly

How is oil wasted?

Oil is wasted by many activities,by oil spills on sea,on sometimes burning.

How many gallons wasted of gasoline per year and the cost of time wasted in traffic can equate to dollars per person?

About 39 million gallons are wasted a year in traffic for the average person. Think about how many gallons are wasted a year in the whole world.

How many yards are there in a piece of cloth 6 feet wide by 12 feet long?

The piece is 2 yards by 4 yards ie 8 square yards. Square yards is a measure of area and there are no yards (a measure of distance) in square yards.

How many litres wasted in a bath?

None. It cleans the person having the bath and, in that respect, fulfils its function. It is, therefore, not wasted.