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There are billions of stars and each one of them would have a mass of more than a trillion pounds.

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Q: How many items would weight a trillion pounds?
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What would weight a trillion pounds?

the earth or 1,000,000 buildings

How many items would weighta trillion pounds?

Thanks for that gem of a question - we needed a laugh.

How many Pence in one trillion Pound Sterling?

There would be 100 Trillion Pence in One Trillion Pounds Sterling.

How many people would weigh a trillion pounds?

6,666,666,666 people weighing an average of 150 pounds each would weigh a total of 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) pounds.

How many elephants would weigh a trillion pounds together?


If you weighed 3030.6 pounds on the Sun you would weigh what on Earth?

. pounds on Earth.IF you weight 1 on Earth you would weight 27 on the Sun (Gravity is 27 times stronger). So if on the Sun you weigh 3030.6 pounds, on the Earth you would weight 3030.6/27 = 112.24.. pounds.

You are a 5 2' girl what is the average weight?

Average weight would be 125 pounds.

What would you weight be on Uranus if your weight on earth is 100 pounds?

88.9 pounds

How much would it cost to build a zoo the size of Alaska?

15 trillion pounds

What comes after pounds?

In relation to weight in the customary system, the weight after pounds would be tons.

Would your weight will be the same on Jupiter has it is on earth?

No. Your weight on Jupiter is 2.53 times what it is on Earth. So if you weight 100 pounds year you would weight 253 pounds on Jupiter.

Weight of a 100 pound object on Jupiter?

The weight of a hundred pounds would be about 250 pounds

If you weight sixty pounds on Earth what would you weight on the Moon?

You weigh 10 pounds on the Moon.

What if your weight on earth your weight in Jupiter what would it be about?

The gravity on Jupiter is about 2.5 that of Earth, so if you weighed 200 pounds on Earth, you would weight bout 500 pounds on Jupiter.

If a person weight 100 pounds on Earth how will he weight on Neptune?

You would weigh 7 pounds on neptune

What unit would you used to measure the weight of a dog?


If a person weighs 100 pounds how much of that weight would be water?

i think it would be 3 pounds!

What unit would you use to measure the weight of a bus?

I would use pounds, tons, or kilograms.

Will you live longer 10 pounds over weight or 10 under weight?

You would be likely to live longer 10 pounds overweight than you would 10 pounds underweight.

What would your weight be in space of you weight 60 pounds?


I am 5'2 what weight should I be?

The best weight would be between 118 and 130 pounds for a girl. The best weight would be between 139 and 152 pounds for a boy.

How many pounds of water would likely be found in a person that weighs 160 pounds?

Approximately 60% of body mass is water. If my weight is 160 pounds, 96 pounds of body weight is water.

What weighs 30 billion pounds?

The Earth weighs approximately 13.17 septillion pounds. The moon weighs about 16.2 trillion pounds. So about 1/540th of the moon would weigh in at 30 billion pounds.

What would your weight be if you weigh 5 pounds on the moon?

On Earth you would weigh 30 pounds.

22 kilograms into pounds weight how many pounds?

First take the weight in kilograms and simply multiply it by 2.2. This would give you the answer in pounds. So in this case the answer is 48.5 pounds.