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"Kilo" means "one thousand", so kilojoule is a thousand joules.

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Q: How many joules in a kilojoule?
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How many joules are there in a kilojoule?

There are 1000 joules in a kilojoule

How many joules are in a kilojoule?

1 Kilojoule = 1000 Joules

How many joules are in kilojoule?

1 kilojoule has 1 000 joules

How many joules are in 980 kilojoules?

1 Kilojoule is equal to 1000 joules. So, 980 kilojoules x 1000 joules per kilojoule = 980000 joules.

How many joules equal a kilojoule?

1000 joules = 1 kJ

What is larger Kilojoule or megajoule?

A megajoule is bigger than a kilojoule because there is one million joules in a megajoule and only one thousand joules in a kilojoule.

How do you Convert Joules to kiloJoules?

1000 Joules = 1 kiloJoule. So divide Joules by 1000 to get kJ.

What is a kilo joule?

1 kilojoule = 1,000 joules

How do you mention kilojoule units?

kJ for kilojoules and J for joules.

How many joules are there in 3kw kettle each second?

Watt means joule/second, kW (kilowatt) means kilojoule/second, i.e., thousands of joules per second.

Where do joules and kilo joules come from?

The Joule is the unit of energy in the SI (metric) system. 1 Joule is the energy required to move 1 meter against a force of 1 Newton. (The Newton is the force that will accelerate a mass of 1 kg at a rate of 1 meter/sec2). The Kilojoule is 1000 Joules, and is equal to 0.9478 BTU. Also 1 Kilojoule = 737.6 ftlbforce, and 1 Kilojoule per second = 1.341 hp. Joules can be mechanical, electrical, or thermal in origin, and there is the mechanical equivalent of heat, 1 calorie = 4.2 joules. 1 Kilojoule per second = 1 Kilowatt.

Jules into kilojules?

kilo means 1000. 1 kilojoule = 1000 joules

What does kilojules mean?

A 'kilojoule' is one thousand joules. This is a unit of work energy.

How do you convert 1997436.144 Kilojoule to KiloWAtt?

You can't convert from Joules to Watts because Joules is a measure of total energy, and Watts measure energy per second.

What is the term for a thousand joules?

Kilojoule. In general, you can add "kilo" (meaning 1000) in front of any unit.

How many joules in 1 gigajoule?

One billon. 1 joule X 1000 = 1 kilojoule = 1000 J 1 kilojoule x 1000 = 1 megajoule = 1000000 J 1 megajoule X 1000 = 1 gigajoule = 1000000000J

What is a kilojule?

a kilojoule isa 1000 joules and a joule is a unit that measures the amount of force transferred from one object to another eg. the impact of an airsoft bb is measured in joules

How many kilocalories are there in one kilojoule?

One kilojoule equals 0.2388459 kilocalorie.

What does kilojoule measure?

A kilojoule is 1000 Joules. The Joule is the fundamental SI unit of energy. The simplest definition in mechanical terms is that it is the work done in moving 1 meter against a force of 1 Newton. If you want it in ft lb units, 1 Joule = 0.7376 ft lbf. In electrical energy terms, 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second. In thermal energy terms, 1 calorie = 4.2 Joules, or you can express it as 1 kilojoule = 0.9478 BTU

What are bigger units of works?

Well since Joule is the standard unit a Megajoule (1 million joules) or a kilojoule (1000 joules) can be used. Also a kilowatt-hour (3.6 million joules) is used by electric companies to keep track of the energy people use.

What is the unit of work in the metric system?

Joules (J) . . . . but a Joule is quite a small amount of energy, so kilojoule is more common (kJ).

How many kilo joules does someone need in a day?

A kilojoule is about 4.2 times smaller than a calorie. Find the amount of calories you need in a day and multiply that number (e.g 2000) by 4.2.

What is the difference between Joules kilojoules and megaJoules?

They are all measurements in the Unit of the Joule. The prefix Kilo means 1000, and the prefix Mega means 1,000,000. So one KiloJoule is 1000 Joules, and one MegaJoule is 1,000,000 Joules. The only difference is QUANTITY.

How many calories make a kilo?

By "kilo" if you mean kilocalorie: 1000 calories = 1 kilocalorie But if you mean kilojoule: 1 food calorie = 4184 joules = 4.184 kilojoules Hope this helps.

How many kilowatts is one kilojoule?

kilowatt is a measurement of power; kilojoule is a measurement of energy 1 kW = 1 kJ/second