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Q: How many keys are on a calculator?
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How do you put sin on a calculator?

You need a scientific calculator, or one with function keys.

Can the Numb keys on right side of computer keyboard function as a calculator?

yes they can be used as a calculator!

Keys set up like an adding machine or calculator?

numeric keypad

Which keys used on calculator for calculating continuous compound interest?

There are no special keys for this situation. You must simply apply the appropriate formulae.

Where is the calculator in Win 7?

Open Calculator by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Calculator, and then, in the list of results, clickCalculator.Click the View menu, and then click the mode that you want.When you switch modes, the current calculation is cleared. Calculation history and numbers stored by the memory keys are retained.Click the calculator keys to perform the calculation you want.

How can you make 100 by pressing 3 keys in calculator?

press 1 0 0

What does the page say when you unlock the calculator on J.K Rowling's website?

it says the times ,add ,divide & minus keys obviously like every calculator

How do you do scientific notation on a calculator?

The answer depends on your calculator but many have shortcut keys for "x10x" or something similar.

Is there a book that will teach me how to better use a calculator?

One very good place to start is the instruction book that came with the calculator when you bought it. There are so many different kinds of calculators that no one book could show you which keys to push on several different calculators.

How many keys are on an organ?

101 keys

How many keys does a saxaphone have?

ten keys?

How many keys does a recorder have?

7 keys

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