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1.5kg = 1500g

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Q: How many kg in 1500g?
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How many grams is 1.5 kg?


How many grams are in 1.5 kg?


Is 2 kg greater then 1500g?


Is 2 kg bigger than 1500g?

Yes because there are 1000g in a kg.

1500cc of water weighs how many kilogram?

1500cc*1g/cc=1500g*1kg/1000g= 1.5 kg

How many grams are there in 1.5 kilograms?

There are 1000g in 1kg, therefore there are 1500g in 1.5kg.1.5 kg = 1500 gTo convert from kg to g, multiply by 1000.

What fraction of a kilogram is 1500 grams?

1 and 1/2, or 3/2 kg 1500g is 1.5kg

1500g equals how many pound?

It is approx 3.31 pounds.

Is 2kg greater than or less than 1500g?

2kg is greater than 1500g 1000g=1kg, so 2000g=2kg 2000g>1500g

How many grams are there in 1.5 kilos?

1500g (kilos x 1,000 = grams)

How many kilograms does 1500 grams weigh?

Divide grams by 1,000: 1500g = 1.5kg

What is 1500g in pounds?

It is 3.31 pounds.

What is the volume of human brain?


How do you convert 1500 g into RPM?


How many kilogram are there in 1500g?

1 kilogram = 1000 grams. You now have all the information required to answer this and similar questions.

1500 grams of sugar is how many cups?

1500g white sugar = 7 & 1/2 cups

Is 1.5kg heavier than 2000g?

NO -it's 1500g !

Do you have any dark hynoids 1000g's bakugan?

YES I do have one 1500g's.

How many kg 1g?

1/1000 kg or 0.001 kg

How many lbs is 16000 kg?

16000 kg is how many pound?

Who many kilogram in 1050?

who many kg are in 1050 kg

How many cups of flour makes 1500G?

Assuming a cup of flour is 127g, there would be about 11.8 cups in 1500g of flour. But don't bet on scooping equal amounts of flour per cup. You will be better off getting a digital scale and weighing your ingredients. Otherwise you could easily be off by 20 - 50% which is a LOT to be off in baking.

How many kg in kg?


How many kilograms are equivalent to 1500 grams?

1000g = 1kg ⇒ 1500g = 1.5kg To convert grams to kilograms, divide by 1000.

Which is greater or less 2kg or 1500g?

2kg is more. 2kg = 2000g

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