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Q: How many kg of peanuts give 1 kg of peanut butter?
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How many peanuts go into a can of peanut butter?


How many peanuts does it take to make a 12oz jar of peanut butter?

58 peanuts

Why did Washington carver invent peanut butter?

George Washington Carver invented peanut butter because many farmers were using peanut butter to replenish their soil and they couldn't find a use for peanuts. He found many ways to use peanuts such as ink, paper,peanut butter, shoe polish, soap, cooking oil, and so many others.

How many peanuts in 1 tbsp peanut butter?

approx. 95 calories

How how many peanuts in an oncemany peanuts in a tablespoon of peanut butter?

1 Tablespoon is equal to 0.5 Fluid Ounces

Does eating peanuts aggravate arthritis?

Yes, peanuts and peanut butter can aggravate arthritis. I was a peanut butter eater all my life, I am now 58. I would have starved to death if nobody had invented peanut butter, it was my main diet many days. Now I cannot eat peanut butter, it aggravates my arthritis. I tried almond butter and it was a lot worst than peanut butter. I find cashews bad too.

How many times did George Washington Carver make peanut butter with peanuts?


Was it a mistake that George Washington Carver created peanut butter?

No it was not. George Washington Carver needed to find more uses for peanuts, because there were way too many peanuts being grown, so he created peanut butter.

Approximately how many peanuts do you need to have if you want to make one pound of peanut butter?


Who was the person who invented peanut butter?

It may seem weird but the puritans actually invented peanut butter. it took many people. a huge man would hit the peanuts with a mallet. also a farmer would have to grow the peanuts. ect.

Can dogs eat penutbutter?

Yes, like anything you want to make sure that it is in moderation, but a little peanut butter once in awhile will not harm them.

Can gerbils eat butter popcorn?

Yes, but do not give them a lot. don't give them crackers either. So, if you can avoid giving them crackers or peanut butter, do not give it to them.