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If the water is pure and the atmospheric conditions are standard,

then 120 cm of water has a mass of 120 grams.

120 grams = 0.12 kg.

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Q: How many kilograms of water does a submerged 120 Cm cubed block displace?
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How do you convert 135cm cubed to kilograms?

Centimetres and kilograms cannot be compared, centimetres is the measurement of length, and kilograms is the measurement of weight.

What is 62.4 pounds per feet cubed converted into kilograms per meter cubed?

62.4 pounds per feet cubed converts to about 1000kg per meter cubed.

What metric units are used measure the density of solids and liquids?

kilograms per metre cubed, or grams per centimetre cubed.

Which metric unit is density expressed in?

kgm-3 kilograms per metre cubed

What is the density of butyl chloride?

The density of Butyl Chloride varies depending on its form. Tert-Butyl chloride has a density of 840 kilograms per cubed meter, while 1-Chlorobutane has a density of 890 kilograms per cubed meter.

How many kg is 1 m cubed of rock?

This depends on the density of the rock. Density is measured in terms of kilograms per meter cubed, so if you know the density, then you have your answer.

One thousand cm cubed of water fills a what liter container and has a mass of what kilograms?


What is 40 pounds per cubed feet converted into kilograms per cubed meter?

40 pounds per cubic foot equates to 640.74 kg per cubic meter.

What two quantitiesdo you need know in order to calculate density?

If you don't know this you can work it out from the units: Density = kg/m^3 (kilograms per metre cubed) Mass is measured in kilograms Volume is measured in metres cubed You therefore need mass and volume to work out density.

How do you measure the volume of a garbage bag?

Method 1 fill it with water 1 litre at a time = 1000cm cubed =0.001m cubed Method 2 Fill it with bath towels or something else heavy but soft (not to rip bag) and then use your full garbage bag to displace a volume of water 1 litre = 1000cm cubed

What is the weight of a cubed meter of water?

1 cubic meter of water weighs 1 tonne = 1000 kilograms.

How many millimeters cubed in one centremetre cubed?

This is a nonsense question. Millimeters are a unit of length and the centimeter cubed is a unit of volume. It is like asking how many kilograms are there in a mile. If however you mean, how many millimeter cubed are there in a centimeter cubed then the answer is 1000 10 x 10 x10