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100 cm = 10-3 kilometres.

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Q: How many kilometer is equals to 100cm?
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Does 1 kilometer equals 100cm?

No 1 km = 100000cm

How many centimetre are their in 700 kilometer?

70,000,000 as kilo is 1000m and m is 100cm.

100cm equals how many feet?

3.28084 ft

How many centimeters equals a meter?


1meter equals how many cm?

1m = 100cm

2m how many cm?

2m equals 200cm 1m equals 100cm.

How many cetermeters equals meters in a meter?

There are 100cm in a meter

1m equals how many millimeters?

1m = 100cm = 1000mm

49.5meters equals how many cm?

4950 1m=100cm

Formula for 0.013 meters equals how many centimeters?

1m = 100cm 0.013m x 100cm/m = 1.3cm

3m equals how many cm?

there are 100cm in 1m, so 3m x 100cm/m = 300cm

How many cenimeters make 1 meter?

100cm equals a meter.