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2500 m = 2.5 km

Two and a half kilometers.

Kilo means thousand

two thousand five hundred meters is two and a half thousand meters or two and a half kilometers

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2.5 kilometers.

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Q: How many kilometers are in 2500 meter?
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How many kilometer in 2500 meter?

2,500 meters=2.5 kilometers

How does 2.5 kilometers equals to 2500 meter?

A kilometer is 1000 meters. Two kilometers are 2000 meters. Half (.5) kilometer is 500 meters,. Two kilometers plus half a kilometer is 2500 meters.

How many are kilometers are in a meter?

1 meter=0.001 kilometers

What is 2500 meter converted to kilometers?

100 because 2500 equals 100

How many kilometers is 2500 meters?

1 kilometer (km) = 1000 meters, therefore 2500 meters = 2.5 kilometers

How many kilometers has 2500 miles?

About 4,023

How many kilometers is their in 2500 meters?


5280 meter is how many kilometers?

5.28 kilometers.

Where is 2500 kilometers into space located?

2500 kilometers into space is located precisely 2500 kilometers above the Earth's atmosphere.

How many kilometres are there in 2500 meters?

2.5 kilometers.

How many kilometers are in a yards?

0.001 kilometers are in a meter, and 1.1 yards are in a meter, so approximately 0.00091 kilometers are in a yard.

How many km or in 2500m?

There are 2.5 kilometers in 2500 meters.