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An astronomical unit (AU) is the mean distance from Earth to Sun, approximately 150 million km.

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Q: How many kilometers are in one astonomical unit?
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How many kilometers are in 1 min?

Zero. Kilometers is a unit of measurement. One minute is a unit of time.

How many kilometers are in Au?

Approximately 149 598 073 kilometers are in one astronomical unit.

How many kilometers equal one gram?

The unit is km. G unit is a crime. These two are not comparable.

How many kilometers equals one astronomical unit?

149,597,870 km (approximately)

Which planet is one astonomical unit from the sun?

Earth. An Astronomical Unit is a unit of distance measure defined as the mean (average) distance between the Earth and the Sun; thus, the earth orbits the sun at a distance of 1 Astronomical Unit. The Astronomical Unit was invented to make it easier to think of astronomical distances within the Solar System ... it is easier to get a feel for how close the planets and other bodies in the solar system are close to the sun in terms of Astronomical Units (AUs) than millions of kilometers: Mercury at 0.4 AU versus 50 million kilometers, Venus at 0.7 AU versus 108 million kilometers, etc.

How many kilometers are in one hectre?

A kilometre is a unit of distance. A hectare is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many kilometers is equal to one astronomical unit?

1 AU is approximately 149,597,870km

How many kilometersare in one second?

Kilometers are a unit of distance. Seconds are a unit of time. The two are not related. Please restate the question.

How many kilometers are in one knot?

The kilometer is a unit of distance, while the knot is a unit of speed. While there is no direct comparison, kilometers per hour could instead be compared with a knot (nautical mile per hour). One nautical mile is 1.151 miles or 1.852 kilometers, so 1 knot is equal to 1.852 kilometers per hour. A knot is a unit of speed, not of distance. A kilometer is a unit of distance.

What measure in astonomical unites instead of kilometers?

The distance from the Sun to Earth is 149,958,000 kilometers, or 1 AU. When measuring distances around the solar system, which one would be simpler to use, km or AU? Since most interplanetary distances are expressed in AU anyway, it's easier to visualize AU than miles or kilometers.

Is one astronomical unit 150 million kilometers?

600 million km equates to about 4.01AU

How many Hector is one kilometers?

A Hectare is a unit for measuring area, not distances. 1 Hectare = 10,000 Square Meters.