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The same as it consumes in a year, or in a decade. Please note that "kilowatt" is a unit of power, NOT a unit of energy.

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How many kilowatts does a 2 HP air conditioner consume in 1 hour?


How many kilowatts does a 1.5 hp ac consume in one hour?

1.1 kW-hours

How many kilowatts per hour does a 1 HP air conditioner consume in 1 hour?

Same as in a second, or in a century. A kilowatt is a unit of power, not of energy.

How many kilowatts per hour does a dryer use?

Answer: It depens what type of dryer.Answer: Also, the power rating is in watts or kilowatts, not in kilowatts/hour.

How many kilo watts does a 5.5 watts water filter consume in one hour?

5.5 watts is 0.0055 kilowatts. in one hour the equipment uses 0.0055 kilowatt-hours.

How many kilowatts does a turned on electricfan use per hour?

kilo-watt is unit of power and kwh is energy consumed by a fan if it runs for 1 hour Nominal ceiling fan power (wattage) is ~100 watts = 0.1 kW So, Should it run for an hour the energy consumed = 0.1kW*1hr = 0.1 kWh

How many kilowatts per hour are used to run a 600 watt high pressure sodium light?

About .6 kilowatts per hour.

How many kilowatts does a TV use in a hour?


How many kilowatts does a alarm clock use in an hour?


How many kilowatts an hour does a coke machine use a day?


How many kilowatts of electricity does it take to power your cell phone?

Although I do not know the exact number, it would be low if measured in kilowatts. The electric company charges by how many kilowatts a house uses per hour.

How many kilowatts made each hour from a 1 MW turbine?

Every hour a 1 Megawatt turbine would produce 1,000,000 watts. That would be the equivalent of 1,000 Kilowatts.

How many kilo watts does a 1000 watts light bulb consume in one hour?

There is no such thing as 'power consumption', so a lamp cannot consume any kilowatts over any period of time.It is energy that is consumed; power is simply the rate at which energy is consumed. Energy consumption is measured in joules or, by electricity companies, in kilowatt hours (not kilowatts per hour!).So, a 1000-W lamp will consume 1 kW.h over the period of one hour.You can think of 'power' being equivalent to speed (kilometres per hour) and 'energy' being equivalent to distance travelled (kilometres). You would never ask, "How far can a car travel in kilometres per hour'.

How many kilowatts per hour consumed by a 1500 watt space heater?

1.5 Kw

How many watts are there in 2400 kilowatts?

To change kilowatts to watts multiply by 1000.2400 kilowatts=2400,000 watts or 2,400,000 watts.If you meant how many kilowatts in 2400 wattsthen this is 2.4 kilowatts

How many kilowatts does a 2.5 HP air condtioner consume in 1 hours?

An air conditioner uses a certain number of kilowatts all the time. If it runs for 1 hour it uses that number of kilowatt-hours of energy, and that is what you pay for. If it is run for 2 hours it costs twice as much. 2.5 HP corresponds to 1.865 kilowatts theoretically, but a 2.5 HP machine might use up to twice that depending on its mechanical and electrical efficiency.

How many kilowatts does the average home use per hour?

on average how many kilowatts does a house use per day in electricity / gasAnswerA kilowatt is a unit of power, which is the rate at which you consume energy. The amount of energy consumed is expressed in kilowatt hours. So your question should read: "How many kilowatt hours of energy does the average home consume over the period of an hour?" As expressed, your question is meaningless, because you do not 'use' kilowatts.The answer is difficult, because it depends on the size of your house, the number of occupants, where you live (cold vs hot climate), the type of appliances you use -e.g. air conditioning, central heating, etc. If you think that your home is typical, check out your electricity bill -it will tell you have many kilowatt hours you've consumed over the billing period. It's then a case of simple mathematics to determine how many kilowatt hours you consumed over one hour.

How many gallons per hour does a 747 consume?

300 gph

How many gallons an hour does a A380 consume?

About 50,000 to 65,000 Gallons

How many watts does an aircon consume in an hour?

Depends on the size of the aircon.

How many joules does a computer consume per hour?

too many About 2 million

How many kilowatts in 250horsepower?

I would say 2500 kilowatts.

How many kilowatts is 1.58?

1.58 megawatts is 1580 kilowatts.

How many kilowatts is 1.55 KW?

1.55kW = 1.55 kilowatts.

How many kilowatts would a 400watt light use in a hour?

A 400-watt light uses energy at the rate of 0.4 kilowatt. In 1 hour, it uses 0.4 kilowatt-hour of energy.