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About .6 kilowatts per hour.

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Q: How many kilowatts per hour are used to run a 600 watt high pressure sodium light?
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Light given of by sodium vapor?

The light given by sodium vapor depends on whether it is a low-pressure or high-pressure lighting system. Low pressure sodium lamps produce a yellow-green light and are less-common today, while high-pressure sodium-halogen produces an orange light. Both types of sodium lighting uses the element sodium, which is heated by a current flow until it becomes luminescent.

Where can one buy high pressure sodium bulbs?

High pressure sodium light bulbs can be purchased at many retail locations. Some of these include Canadian Tire, Lowe's, Home Depot, and Rona. Acklands Grainger carries industrial high pressure sodium light bulbs as well.

What are the different types of light?

Incandescent Lamps Light Emitting Diode Neon Lamps Fluorescent Tubes Compact Fluorescent Lamps Halogen Lamps Metal Halide Lamps High Intensity Discharge Lamps Low Pressure Sodium Lamps High Pressure Sodium Lamps

How many watts does a 400 watt high pressure sodium light fixture use?

400 Watts.

Will a metal halide light run a high pressure sodium lamp?

yes No Rafe, it will not. Remember when you tried it.

What the best light to use for growing weed?

high pressure sodium lights or led grow lights

Does a 400W high pressure sodium bulb have silver in it?

The 400W high pressure Sodium bulb contains a silver lining inside the frame to give better reflection of light. However, no silver is found inside the bulb.

What does HPS stand for?

High Pressure Sodium

Diets high in sodium are associated with what?

high blood pressure

What is the difference between high pressure low pressure sodium lamps?

the pressure ;)

Is white light the best light to start plants from seed?

to grow indoors try using high pressure sodium flood lights ( you can get them at home depot)

How does pizza make your blood pressure high?

It makes your Blood Pressure high by the sodium in it, which is he salt and carbs.

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