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It is 18,411 km

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Q: How many km is it from Cambridge to rotorua?
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What is the distance between cambridge New Zealand and rotorua New Zealand?

One hour maximum

What is the name of the hot springs just out of Whakatane and south of Rotorua?

Awakeri Springs lie about 16 km southwest of whakatane on state highway 30 between Whakatane and Rotorua (Rotorua is south of whakatane so it can't be near whakatane and south of Rotorua).

How many miles is Wellington to Ruapehu?

Wellington is 452.2 km far away from Rotorua, New Zealand.

How much distance from Auckland to Rotorua?

230 km taking this route:Take SH-1 SOUTH towards HAMILTON, from Auckland, to SH-5 towards ROTURA, in Tirau, via SH-1B CAMBRIDGE to bypass Hamilton.Take SH-5 to Rotura.

Distance from Manchester England to rotorua new zealand?

11375 MI/18306 KM

Where is Cambridge located?

In Cambridge town 80 km north of London, UK. Cambridge University is located in Cambridge, England.

Where is the University of Cambridge?

it is England

What is the distance in miles from Auckland Rotorua?

The driving distance is about 144 road miles (232 km).

What is the distance between Rotorua New Zealand to Christchurch New Zealand?

884 km ( 550 miles )

How far is it from rotorua to taupo?

From Rotorua to Taupo, the distance by road is 80 km (50 mi). Following State Highway 5, you should be able to drive between the two in an hour in light traffic.

How many hours does it take to get from Auckland to Rotorua?

The journey from Auckland Central to Rotorua, via Hamilton is 235 km or 145 mi. It should take about 3 hours 30 minutes in light to moderate traffic. It'll take about the same time from Auckland International Airport.

How many lakes are in the Rotorua district?

There are 20 lakes of varying sizes within about 30 kilometres of Rotorua.