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A lac is 100 thousand, a million is 1000 thousand so 10 lacs in 1 million.

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Q: How many lacks is 1 million?
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Related questions

One million is how many lacks?

1 million = 10 lacks

How many lacks are there in 1 million?

there are ten lacks in 1million.

1 million is how many crores?

1 million equals to 10 lacks which is one tenth of a crores (10 million).

10 million means how many lacks?

100 lakhs 1 million =10 lakhs

How many million are there in 2518 lacks?

There are 251.8 million.

How many lacks are there in 7 million?


How much lacs in 320 million?

1 million = 10 lakhs so 320 million = 3200 lacks.

1 million is equal to how much lacks?

10 lakhs.

One million how many lacks?

10 lakhs...

HOW many lacks in one million?

10 lakhs

Milloner means how many lacks?

ten lakhs is a million

One million is how may lacks?


1 billion equals how many lacks?

1 billion = 10000 lakhs,

How many millions of one corr eighty two lacks?

1 crore 82 lakhs = 18.2 million. And it would help if you checked your spelling before posting the question.

1 trillion means how many lacs?

1446999915.13 means how many lacks

How many millions are in 1 quintillion?

1 quintillion would be 1 million million million.

How many pcs are there in 1 million?

1 million computers = 1 million computers

How many kilometers is 1 million?

1 million what?

1 million dollar means how much Indian Rs?

Actually the million means 10,00,000 [10 lacks] it will change according to the dollar rate. Example if Justin Bieber earns $50 million then his income in Indian rupees is 50*10,00,000=50,000,000

How many 0 in 1 million?

there are 6 in 1 million

How many metric tonnes in million tonne?

1 million tonnes = 1 million tonnes

1 million is how many lakh?

1 million = 10 lakh.

How many crores are there in 1 million?

0.1 crore = 1 million.

How many 1 billion is million?

1 million = 0.001 billion

How many million in a trilion?

1 trillion = 1 million millions