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2.4 miles x 1760 yards/mile = 4224 yards

4224 yards x 0.9144 meters/yard = 3862.4 meters

3862.4 meters / 100 meters/lap = 38.6 laps

because in Olympic-sized pool one lap is a round trip of a 50-meter pool.

For other odd sizes, just divide by twice the length of the pool.

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Q: How many laps in a 2.4 mile swim?
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How many laps 24' circle how many laps make a mile?


How many laps around a baseball field equals a mile?

24 laps

How many laps in a pool is 600 meters?

24 laps in a pool. 500m is 20 laps in a pool, and so if you divide 500m by 20, you would get 25. 25 would have to multiply by 24 to get 600m, therefore it takes you 24 laps to complete 600m.

How many laps in a 24 ft circumference equals a mile?

220 laps. but if i where you I'd use a track it'll be less boring

How many laps across a 24ft round pool equals a mile?

at 5280 feet per mile and 24 feet per lap that is 5280/24 = 220 laps

How much is 600 meter to swim?

every 100m is 4 laps 600m=24 laps if your counting one way a lap

How many laps in a 25-meter pool equals 660 yards?


How many laps is the 24 hours of Le Mans?

about 400.

How many laps around a 24 ft round pool makes a mile?

70 84 is a better answer. The above answer does not clearly state the 70 laps around the edge of the pool give the answer. (The circumference is 24 feet*3.14[pi] = 70.02 feet). It is better to use a 20 foot diameter (2 feet from the pool wall). This gives a circumference of 62.8 feet. Divide this into 5280 feet and you get 84 laps.

Lauren ran twice as fast as roy together they did 24 laps how many laps did roy run?

Lauren will have covered twice the distance covered by Roy. Roy therefore ran 8 laps. (and Lauren 16 laps)

How many square miles in 24 acres?

1 square mile = 640 acres 1 acre = 0.0015625 square mile 24 acres = 0.0375 square mile

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In the 2013 Daytona 500, there were 6 cautions for 24 laps.

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