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1 mile = 1760 yards 25 yards in a lap pool 1760/25=70.4 laps in a mile

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Q: How many laps in a yard pool equals a mile?
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Related questions

How many laps in a 75 yd pool equals 1 mile?

23.47 laps.

Now many laps equals a mile in a 50 meter pool?

About 32.2 laps.

How many laps in 25yd pool equals one third of a mile?

22 laps in a 25 yard pool is equal to 1/3 mile. In competitive swimming, 66 laps or 1650 yds. is what is considered a mile. If swimming a 50 meter pool, 1,500 meters or 30 laps is a mile.

In a 25-yard swimming pool how many laps do you have to swim to constitute one mile?

A mile in a 25 yard pool equals 71 lengths or 36 laps (1,760 yards in a mile). A mile in a 25 meter pool equals 66 lengths or 33 laps (1,650 meters in a mile). In a 50 Meter pool, a mile is 1,650 meters, which is 33 lengths or 17 laps of the pool. 2 lengths of a pool equals 1 lap.

How many laps in a pool equals one mile?

70 in a 25yd pool/ 25m pool 35 in a 50yd pool/ 50m pool

If Length of pool is 25 feet how many laps is a mile?

If the length of the pool is 25 feet then one lap of the pool equals 50 feet. Therefore, you would have to swim 105.6 laps to equal one mile.

How many laps equals a quarter mile in a 25 meter pool?

32 laps = 64 lengths = 1 mile So 1/4 mile would be 8 laps or 16 lengths

How many laps in a 25 yard pool equals one quarter of a mile?

16 and 1/4 25 yard laps

How many laps in an olympic size pools equals a half mile?

An Olympic pool is 50 metres long so half a mile = 16.1 laps approx.

How many laps in a 50 yard pool equals 1 mile?

Answer: 1 mi. = 1609.344 m in a 25 yd. pool its 66 laps so 50 yd. pool would be 33 laps

How many laps to swim a mile in 25 meter pool?

64 laps to swim a mile in a 25 meter pool

How many laps is a mile in a regulation pool?

32 laps in a 50 m pool

How many swimming laps equals a quarter of a mile of swimming?

It depends on the size of the swimming pools. If the pool is small, you need to swim many laps to get to 1/4 mile. 1/4 mile is 440 yards.

How many laps in a yard pool equals 2 of a mile?

It would help to know the size of a pool. I assume it is not 1 yard!

How many laps in a 30 meter pool is a mile?

(1609.3 meters/mile) / (30 meters/Pool Length) = 53.64 Pool Lengths OR 26.82 Laps

What is the difference in number of laps to swim a mile between a 25-yard pool and a 25-meter pool?

first, how many laps to swim a mile in a 25 yard pool. Second, how many laps to swim a mile in a 25 meter pool. Third, subtract the lowest number to get your answer.

How many laps to swim 9 tenths of a mile?

Depends on how long the pool is....? 32 laps of a 55 yard pool is one mile... just under 30 laps

In a 30 meter pool how many laps make a mile?

53.6 lengths of the pool or 26.8 laps.

1.2 miles equals how many laps?

The standard outdoor track is 400m long, a quarter mile. Five laps is 1.25 miles. I think what the person was looking for was how many laps in a pool: Most pools are 25m, if it is an olympic pool 50m: 1.2 miles = 1600*1.2 = 1920m So for 25m pool: 76.8 laps and for 50m pool: 38.4 laps

How many lenghts is a mile in a 23m swimming pool?

A 23 meter pool is equal to a 25 yard pool. In a swim race, the mile is 66 laps. An actual mile is 68 laps. Its weird.

How many laps are one mile in an olympic sized pool?

32 laps

How many laps in a 15 yard pool equal a mile?

Thirty five laps is equal to a mile in a fifteen yard swimming pool. The time to complete these laps may vary.

How many laps in a 25 meter pool for .50 mile?

0.5 mile = 804.7 metres = 32.19 laps

How many laps make a mile in a 50 meter pool?

It would be about 32.2 laps to make one mile.

25 yard pool equals how many miles?

70.4 25-yard laps are needed to complete one mile.