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A kilometer is 1000 meters, and the average track length is usually 400 meters, so that'll be 2.5 times around the track to make it the distance.

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Q: How many laps on a running track take to mmake a kilometre?
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How many running laps on a track do you do to reach 1 kilometre?

It depends on the size of the track (each one is different). There will often be a sign posted near the track to tell you how far each lap is.

If am running on a 200m track and am running the 3000m how many laps will you run?

15 laps

HOW MANY Laps on a running track equal 500 yards?

About One and One Quarter Laps.

How man laps around a running track is the 1500?


How many laps around a running track equals 21 ks?

52.5 laps

How many laps around a running track equals 1.5mile?

Six laps are equal to 1.5 miles.

How many laps of a 400m running track is a mile?


How many laps in 800 meters?

In swimming there are 16 laps of a 50m pool (a standard Olympic size pool) In running there are 2 laps of a 400m track (the standard athletics track)

How many laps around a running track equals 10km?

An Olympic size track is 400 meters. That would mean there are 2.5 laps for 1 kilometer, and 25 laps around a 400 meter track would equal 10 kilometers.

How many kms equals 30 times around a running track?

A standard track is 400m 25 laps is 10,000m=6.2mi 4 laps is approximately 1 mile. 30 laps is about 7.5 miles

How many laps around a running track is one mile?


If you are running 2 laps around the track without stopping and you want to get to 8 laps in 16 weeks how do you do it?

keep doing it

How many laps around a running track equals 3 miles?

A typical running track is 400 meters and 3 miles is 4828 m So that would make it 4800/200 = 12 laps

How many laps are there in the 800 meters?

A standard running track has 400 m in one lap. The 800 m race is therefore 2 laps of the track.

How many laps on a running track is 220 yards?

It's about half of a lap.

How many laps in a running track is a 3km run?

i dont know sorry

How far is 12 laps on a running track?

3 miles

How many laps around an indoor running track equals one mile?


How much is 2 laps?

Doing laps can be different when running or walking depending on how long of a desistence the track is. But when thinking of two laps it equals 800 meters which is one half of a mile.

How man laps around a regulation running track is equal to 5 k?

If you are in lane 1, then you must run 12 1/2 laps to equal 5k. The explanation for this is that a normal running track is 400 meters, therefore 12 1/2 laps would equal 5000 meters; i.e. 5K meters.

How many miles is 6 laps around the outer most lane of a running track?


How many laps around a running track equals one mi?

usually its 4 times

How many laps around a running track in the outside lane equals one mile?


How long is an 800 meter race?

if you are running on a regular highschool track which is about 400meters then (if you do the math) 2 laps around the track is an 800m race

How many laps of 200 meters in kilometers?

5 laps of 200 metres = 1 kilometre

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