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Q: How many laptops are getting sold in a year?
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How many laptops sold last year?

About 58,252,800 laptops were sold world wide in 2011.

How many laptops are sold to college students per year?

there are over 55,678,000 laptops sold per year to college students

How many laptops are sold in a year?

500 million

Is Queensland year 9 students getting free laptops?

They will not be free, they will be sround $240 a year.

How many PCs are sold in a year?

i work in England and we have a company here and in 2008 15% of laptops were sold then the past year which concludes that over 55,678,000 have been sold over the world thank you guys for letting me respond i bless you in the name of jesus

When are the students in year 9-12 getting their free laptops?

The answer is that you get laptops at the start of term 3 for only year 9. the laptops are called Lenovo Ideapad s10e. and you can choose 5 colours which are red, blue, orange, green or normal(black)

How many computer were sold in a year?

Apple started selling portable computers in 1989 with the Macintosh Portable. This was followed by the PowerBook 100 in 1991. For the PowerBook 500 (1994) Apple developed the trackpad controls now familiar on all laptops. It would be difficult to estimate how many laptops Apple have sold during the last two decades.

Are 2012 year 9 still getting there free laptops?

APPARENTLY: Because the laptops were promised by Kevin Rudd, now that Julia Gillard is the PM, the scheme is cancelled. So, no more laptops. But remember, that is APPARENTLY.

How many slaves are sold a year?

millions were sold within a year about everday a slave was sold

How many cars are sold per year in US?

how many new cars are sold each year

How many beds sold in 1 year?

there were 89064573 beds sold in the year of 2013

How many laptops are in the USA and the world?

There are about 1 billion Laptops made a year. With HP being the largest Laptop distributer and Dell second. Micron use to be the highest processor for Laptops until recently last year when they began loosing money and laying off workers.