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Q: How many layers does djosers pyramid have?
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What was imhotep's job?

imhotep was king djosers chief advisor. he built the first step pyramid for king djosers tomb.imhotep was king djosers chief advisor. he built the first step pyramid for king djosers tomb.

How were step pyramids built step by step?

djosers pyramid. He also built the bent pyramid

How many layer's does Djoser step pyramid have?

It has 4 layers

How many layers of marble are used to make the Great Pyramid of Giza?

The pyramid was stone, with an outer layer of marble.

How many layers were in the great pyramid of Giza?

I don't know this answer but i can tell you that more than 10000 people built the pyramid which were the bani Israel (the slaves of the pharaoh)

A Pyramid is stack so that each layer is a square If there are between 1500 and 2000 in the stack, how many layers tall is the pyramid?


How many children did djosers father have?

11 7 boys 4 girls

The nth pyramidal number tells how many balls there are in a pyramidal stack that is n layers tall What kind of pyramid is the stack?

This describes a four-sided pyramid.

If each orange has to touch three other oranges in a pyramid how many oranges should you have if you wanted to make that pyramid six layers?

27; the top layer would have two oranges at the top and would add one orange in desending layers.

What is the bottom layer of a pyramid that represents ecosystem producers and its top layers represent consumers called?

The bottom layer of pyramid that represents ecosystem producers is the ecological pyramids. The top layers represent consumers. In the energy pyramid the bottom levels have more energy than the top levels.

What is Imhotep famous for?

He was a popular God of healing and designed priest Djosers tomb.

What is pyramid packaging for milk?

The pyramid packaging for milk is meant to protect the milk from any moisture or other external factors. The milk is packed in cartons with more layers.