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Q: How many lbs of soil are in 075 cu ft?
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How many lbs are in a cu ft?

The answer is specific to the product in the cu ft. A cu ft of water will be different than that of a cu ft of feathers ETC.

Difference between cu ft and lbs?

There are many differences between cu ft. and lbs. These are all very different ways to measure very different things.

What is the density of steel in English unit?

0.2836 lbs./Cu. In. OR 460 lbs. / cu. ft.

How many 40 pound bags of top soil needed for a 4' x 8' x 6 raised bed?

4 x 8 x 6 inch = 4 x 8 x .5 = 16 cu ft soil weighs 100 lbs/cu ft = 1600 pounds 1600/40 = 40 bags

How many cu ft in lbs?

Without knowing a cubic foot of WHAT- there is no way to answer your question.

How many pounds of frozen meat or veggies should a 8.8 cu ft freezer hold?

35 to 40 lbs per cu ft

How many lbs will a 4.3 cu ft hold?

search engine says that: 1 ft^3 = 62.42797 lbs; so, 4.3 cubic ft = 268.440271 lbs; forgive me.

What is Density of soil in kg per cu m?

Avg Density of soil in one cu m is approximately 1590 Kgs to 1766 Kgs

How many lbs is in a gallon of concrete?

lets see:1 US gallon = 0.133680556 cubic feetconcrete weights about 150 lbs / cu ft.145 lbs unreinforced.145 x .133680556 = 19.38368062 lbs

What is the cubic ft of a 48ft trailer?

48 foot trailer: 3000 cu. ft. or 30,000 lbs 53 foot trailer: 3400 cu. ft. or 34,000 lbs.

How much soil in a 55-gallon drum?

That depends on what substance you fill the drum with. -- If you fill it with air, you can only put a few pounds in it. -- If you fill it with water, it'll hold about 460 pounds. -- If you fill it with lead or concrete, you can put in a lot more pounds than that.

How much would 45.75 cu ft of soil cover?

The answer will depend on the depth of the soil cover.