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Q: How many leaves does it take to produce one apple?
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How many leaves does it take to make an apple?

The energy from 100 leaves is required to make 1 apple

If you were to take two apples from three apples how many would you have?

Three apples minus two apples leaves one apple. 3-2=1

What do the leaves do for a plant?

The leaves collect sunlight and turn it into food for the plant and so it can grow.The leaves take in the sunlight that the plants need to produce food or flowers ;creating energy

How many pages does Big Apple Take Down have?

Big Apple Take Down has 288 pages.

How many pounds of apples does the average apple tree produce in a year?

The average fruit each apple tree produces in a year can fill 20 boxes that weight 42 pounds each. So in total, this averages out to about 840 pounds of apples per harvest. However, apple trees take about four or five years to produce their first fruit, and apple varieties range in size from cherry-sized to grapefruit-sized.

How do you force fruit a pineapple?

You put an apple in the center right over the place where all the new leaves come out and then you put a bag over the plant. The apple will put ethylene gas and the bag will hold it in and it will cause the pineapple to want to produce a pineapple. P.s. make sure you do this when the plant is 12 to 18 months old. P.s.s. When you see it start to flower then you can take the apple and bag clear plastic bag off.

If john has 3 Apples and you take away 1 how many Apple s do you have?

you have one apple

How do you teach finding the cause effect relationship?

Probably the best way to explain cause and effect is through observation. Cause may be defined is an action impacting on something to produce an effect. A simple demonstration would be to take an apple and cut it into two pieces. The action of cutting the apple is the causative action impacting on the apple to produce the effect of dividing the apple into two parts.

What is the purpose of leaves on a flower?

to take in air from the atmosphere, to help make food for the ovary

If there are 3 apple and you take away 2how many do you have?


How many weeks does it take an apple to grow?

1 week

How many bananas does it take to make an apple?

5 bananas