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Q: How many legs combined do two cows three people and three cats have?
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Do cows eat cats?

Feral cats will eat dead cows.

Why did cats like cows?

This question cannot be correctly answered, as cats still do love cows and vise-versa. But I sat down with a local leader of the 'Cats & Cows United' foundation,

What is the difference between a cows eye and cats eye?

cows eye are bigger and less vision than cats. cats can see through dark

The ancient Greece What did the people have for pets?

they had dog,cats,pigs,cows,horses,also fish.

What is the companion to a cow?

A cow or bovine can have a variety of companions, dogs, goats, horses, cats, other cows, even people. Cows are social. They like company.

What animals are usually abused by people every year?

I would say cows, goats, dogs, and cats

What do vampire bats do for a living?

they hunt for anything like cows, cats and much more. because cows and cats are warm blooded animals.

Which god did cats represent hippos crocodiles cows jackels?

Bastet represented cats

What animal to mandrills compete with?

dogs, cats, and cows

Since you kill cows and chickens why is it wrong to kill dogs and cats?

We eat the cows and chickens. They are food. The same cannot be said of cats and dogs in most cultures. In most cultures we do not kill pets, not even when they are cows and chickens.

What are examples of animals?

Cats, dogs, antelopes, cheetahs and cows.

How do you stroke cows?

The same way you would with dogs or cats.