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Up to 3,000 lights

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Q: How many lights in a bic lighter?
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Can you refill a bic lighter?

no you can not refill a bic they are factory sealed

Is there a brown bic lighter?


How many cigarettes can you light with one BIC lighter?

up to 3,000 depending on usage

How much does a bic lighter cost?

An average BIC lighter can cost anywhere from $0.50-$1.50. Depending on which state you live in, the tax can be high or low.

How does a bic lighter work?

What do you fill a zippo with?

any lighter fluid, except for bic lighter fluid

How many flicks per Bic lighter?

You can usually get around 175-200 flicks per lighter. just depends on how long you hold it there

How much BIC lighter in grams?

2.2 grams

What temperature does bic lighter burn?

3600 F

How much does an empty BIC lighter weigh?


What type of fluid is in a bic lighter?

Butane Gas

How long is a bic lighter in millimeters?

3.25in. = 8.2mm.

Can you fill a bic lighter with butane?

A BIC lighter can be filled with Butane or Propane. I do however also think that it can be filled with Ethane and Methane. Common lightergas is Propane and Butane. Regards.

Most popular Bic lighter color?

Supposedly the highest selling BIC lighter color is black and the lowest selling is yellow. But honestly I couldn't find a yellow BIC anywhere for months when I went looking so that's no surprise to me.

What is the best brand of fire lighter?

Bic lighters are the best

How do you get the bottom off a BIC lighter?

you cant the bottom of the bic is welded by high pressure sounds that melts plastic together

Can a Bic lighter produce 300 degrees?

Easily. A bic can produce a flame with a temperature of over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can a glass water pipe get hot enough to melt plastic with a BIC lighter?


What is a Bic clic lighter?

A Blic Clic is a pen genius that link is to a picture of a collection of such pens

How good are zippo lighters compared to bic lighters?

All round they are both the same but a zippo lighter is much more flashy compered to a Bic.

What company makes the best selling cigarette lighter in the United States?

BIC is the best selling lighter company in the USA. With the catchy slogan, 'Flick My BIC', Americans are bound to choose this company's lighters over all others.

Do bic lighters run on butane?

Yes, Bic lighters are also called butane lighters. The "gauge" pressure in the lighter is about 1 atmosphere at room temperature.

Who invented the butane lighter?

I don't know actually invented the butane lighter, but the first disposable lighters were invented by BIC in 1973.

How do you put fluid in a Bic lighter?

you don't. buy a new one, they're quite cheap, or invest in a refillable zippo lighter.

What brand of cigarette lighter did Maxwell Smart use in the Get Smart TV series?