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Q: How many line commends are required to draw a rectangle?
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How many line commends are required to draw a parallelogram?

Same as a rectangle.

How do you make a rectangle with 3 lines?

Draw a rectangle and draw three lines in it.... Firstly, draw 3 lines and divide one line into two...then it will easy to draw a rectangle...

How do you draw a rectangle with equal side lengths?

A rectangle with equal side lengths is a square.You draw one straight line segment of the required length. At each of its ends you draw a perpendicular, both facing in the same direction. Make these of the same length as well. Join the other ends of these perpendiculars.

How is a triangle related to a rectangle?

if you draw a line from one corner of a rectangle to the opposite it creates two triangles

How do you draw a volley ball court?

If you just want to draw one side, first you draw a rectangle. Then draw a line 1/3 of the way from the net. That would be the 10 ft. line.

What 2 triangles form when you draw a diagonal line across a rectangle?

right triangles and

How do you trisect a rectangle?

To trisect a rectangle first draw the two diagonals (lines going from the top left corner, to the bottom right and top right to bottom left.) Where those two diagonals intersect is the center of the rectangle. Next, draw a line through the center of the rectangle that is parallel to the top and bottom of the rectangle. this should divide the rectangle into two halves. Next draw the diagonal for the top half of the rectangle (A line from the top left corner, to the middle of the right side.) Where this diagonal intersects with the diagonal of the diagonal of the entire rectangle is 1/3 the length. Repeat the previous step for the bottom half of the rectangle. The line connecting the top intersection, and the bottom intersection is the trisection line.

How you could use grid paper to draw a rectangle with a perimeter of 18 units?

Since the perimeter is 18, the sum of the length and breadth is 18/2 units = 9 units. Draw a straight line on the grid of less than 9 units. At right angles to that line, draw another line so that the two lines have a combined length of 9 units. These two lines are the two adjacent lines of the rectangle. Use the grid to draw line parallel to these so that you have a rectangle.

How do you draw a square from a triangle with same area?

A right-angle triangle is half of a square or rectangle. Draw a square or rectangle and draw a line from one corner to the corner diagonally opposite. You now have two triangles of the same area.

How do you draw a Wampum Belt?

you draw a rectangle then do a checkerboard pattern line then color it the way you want remeber todraw the string on the end

How do you find the center of a rectangle?

Draw a straight line from opposite corners. Where the lines cross is the centre.

Divide a rectangle into 7 parts with only 3 lines?

To divide a rectangle into 7 parts using 3 lines: Use 2 lines to draw two diagonals. Use the third line to draw a parallel line to any of the sides but not passing through the centre. This will create 7 parts in the rectangle.