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l= (a)(1/2)



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Q: How many lineal feet of cove base floor trim will be required if your floor area is 169.68?
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What is the area of Ciudad Lineal?

The area of Ciudad Lineal is 11.43 square kilometers.

Do you use the gross floor area or net floor area to determine the number of occupants on a floor?

You use the net floor area which is the area minus the space required for circulation and services

How many square inches is 10000 lineal inches?

Meaningless question, lineal inches do not make an area

How do you convert square feet to lineal feet?

you don't. square feet is area, lineal feet is distance.

24 feet long by 9 feet high is how many lineal feet?

You don't measure area in lineal feet. This area is 216 sqft.

How do you measure lineal feet to a floor?

None, since there can be no conversion.A linear (or lineal) foot is a measure of length in 1-dimensional space. A floor is generally measured as an area in 2-dimensional space. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, any attempt at conversion from one to the other is fundamentally flawed.

How many lineal feet of cove base floor trim will be required if your floor area is 675 square feet?

In order to determine the length of cove trim required you need to know the perimeter of the room. Unfortunately, the area of a shape does not provide enough information to determine its dimensions.First of all, there is no reason to suppose that the area is rectangular as opposed to circular or triangular or some other simple or complicated shape. Even if, you know that it is a rectangle, there are infinitely many possible answers: ranging from a nearly square area to an extremely long, very thin strip.

How do you Convert 40468.564 square meters into lineal meters?

I don't understand converting an area to a lineal measurement. Do you mean the length of the side of a square of that area? This would be 201.168 meters.

How many square feet is 1 lineal yard?

Answer is Zero. Trick question ! A measure of length ( lineal ) is not a measure of an enclosed area.

How many lineal feet of cove base floor trim will be required if your floor area is 170 square feet?

The number of lineal feet required is the perimeter. Unfortunately, it is impossible to convert from the area of a shape to its perimeter. First of all, the shape of the area is not known. A circular shape with an area of 170 sqft would have a perimeter of 46.22 feet (to 2 dp). That is the smallest possible perimeter. If you squashed the circle into an ellipse you could increase the perimeter without limit (see similar argument for rectangles, below). Other shapes, have different perimeters. Within each polygonal shape, there is great variation. For eaxmple, all the following rectangles have an area of 170 sq feet, but look at their perimeters, P! 10ft *17ft (P=54ft) 1ft *170ft (P=342ft) 0.1ft *1700ft (P=3400.2ft) 0.01ft *17000ft (P=34000.02ft) 0.001ft *170000ft (P=340000.002ft) Hopefully, you get the picture.

How many millimeters in hectare?

Impossible to say, millimetres are lineal and hectare is area.

How many square meters to 750 lineal meters?

No. You cannot compare two and one dimensional objects! Square meters are a measurement of area (2 dimensions) Lineal meters area one dimensional distance measurement.