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A linear yard is a measure of distance while a square foot is a measure of area. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

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Q: How many linear yards are in 75 square feet?
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How many sq yards in 482 feet?

There are no square yards in 482 linear feet.

How many square yards are there in 60 feet by 12 feet?

You can convert from linear feet to linear yards and multiply, or you can multiply the linear feet and then divide by 9 square feet per square yard. 60 feet = 20 yards (because there are three feet to the yard) 12 feet = 4 yards 20 x 4 = 80 square yards === === 60' x 12' = 720 square feet 720/9 = 80 square yards

How many square feet is in 3150 yards?

None because square feet and linear yards are different units of measurements.

If you need 160 sq yards of carpet how many Linear feet is that?

Square yards is an area. Linear feet is a line. You can't compare them.

How many square yards in 21 feet?

7 The dimension you provide is not a squared dimension but a linear dimension. There are no squared dimensions in a linear dimension. There are 7 linear yards in 21 linear feet, but no squared yards.

How many square feet in one linear yard?

None.Square feet are a measure of area;Linear yards are a measure of lengthand have no width.Area is length times widtharea_of_linear_yard = 1 linear yard x 0 linear yard= 0 square yards= 0 square feet

80 linear feet equals how many square yards?

This would be an unanswerable question as 80 linear feet is a linear unit and square yards is a measure of area. Now if the yard is 80 linear feet by 80 linear feet , that would be an area of 6400 square feet. Since 9 square feet occupy a square yard, that would be an area of 711 1/3 square yards. But, 80 linear feet is only a measure in one dimension and area is a two dimensional measure

How many linear yards in 385 square feet?

None. You don't get linear measurements in an area.

How many square feet are in a roll 20 linear yards long and 54 inches wide?

270 square feet.

How many feet in 111 linear yards?

111 linear yards is 333 feet.

300 feet how many yards?

1 yard is 3 feet, so 300 yards would be 900 feet. This is linear, not square measure.

How many yards in 939 sq ft?

This can't be answered.An amount of yards measures a linear measurement - the length of one straight line.939 square feet measures an area, such as how big your yard is.You can compare yards to feet or square yards to square feet, but comparing a linear measurement to an area measurement is impossible.