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'Linear feet' is a qualifier for a measurement. It means in your case 5,000 feet measured in a straight line, also known as a 'running measurement'. Here are a couple of examples:

A. You wish to buy enough material to put wood trim around the ceiling of a room in your house. The room measures 10 feet by 15 feet. You need fifty linear feet of material.

(2 walls x 10') + (2 walls x 15') = 50'

B. You have a room that is 11 feet wide by 20 feet long and you go to the store to buy carpet. At the store you discover that the carpet is sold by the linear foot, not by the square yard. The roll of carpet is 12 feet wide. You need 20 linear feet of carpet off the roll. (You would trim the extra foot of width off to make it fit.)

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Q: How many liner feet are in 5000 feet?
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