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Q: How many lines of defence does your body have?
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What are the body's three lines of defence in relation to infection?

Mucous membranes, phagocytosis, immune response.

How many lines of symmetry in the US Department of Defence Pentagon?

any regular pentagon has five lines of symmetry.

What are the lines of defence the human body uses to fend off bacteria?

Well just to name two: your nose hairs your saliva

Is memory cells part of third line of body defence?

yeah....memory cells are a part of our body's third line of defence............natural killer cells that is wbc only are not a part of our body's third line of defence.

What were the lines of defence dug into the earth called?

Trenches were the lines of defense dug into the earth, particularly during WWI.

What is the sweat glands defence of the body?

It allows body to lose heat by sweating

What is the natural defence your body has against diseases?


What is the function of third line of defence in the body?

immunity and producing antigens that protect the body...

How many pages does The Defence of the Realm have?

The Defence of the Realm has 1032 pages.

How many defence players play for defence in baseball?

nine players

What level defence do you need to wear bandos body?


What is your body's natural defense?

Our bodies have many natural defences. Our main internal defence would be our immune system which helps combat bacterial and viral diseases. Our main external defence would be our skin which protects our body and prevents pathogens and microbes from entering our bodies. Hope This Helps :D