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U has one axis of symmetry- the vertical axis through its middle.

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Q: How many lines of symmetry does the capital U have?
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How many lines of symmetry a heart has?

i think u mean: how many lines of symmetry DOES a heart HAVE and its has 1

How many lines of symmetry does a triangular Prism Have?

12 lines of symmetry Hope this help u g-spots :P

Which letter has the same number of lines of symmetry as the letter U?

Looks like there's one line of symmetry, so try capital A

Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital letters of the alphabet?

Vertical lines of symmetry: A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y Horizontal lines of symmetry: B, C, D, E, H, I, K, O, X Other: O

What capital letters have lines of symmetry?

They are: W E T Y U I A D H X C V and M

How many lines of symmetry does the Eiffel Tower have?

it has 2 lines of symmetry 1 going across it diagonally and 1 going straight through the middle and if u didn't know the 2nd one u are dumb

What figure has only 5 lines of symmetry?

To all of u peeps out there a pentagon have 5 line of symmetry and only 5 so you better not forget how many line of symmetry a pentagon have or i be comming to get u

How many lines of symmetry does cloud have?

5.000.00 10000000

How many uppercase letters have two or more lines of symmetry?

the answer is U O S H K Z X N A D=2 0R MORE LINES OF SYMMETRY

Does a circle have 360 lines of symmetry?

No it would contain 180 lines of symmetry. Logically you would think that a circle has 360 lines of symmetry because it consists of 360 degrees, but if u were to do that each line of symmetery would occour twice (try to visualize this). Therefore a circle has 180 lines of symmetry.

What capital letters has exactly 2 lines of symmetry W you O?

None of them. W and U have 1, O has infinitely many. Unless the O is elongated: an oval rather than a circle in which case is does have 2.

Do irregular shapes have symmetry lines?

well nah u dont say

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