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Two lines of symmetry; one vertical and one horizontal

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Q: How many lines of symmetry does the letter 8 have?
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How many lines of reflective symmetry does an octagon have?

An octagon has 8 lines of reflective symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry does a hexagonal prism have?

Regular polygons have lines of symmetry equal to the number of sides/angles that they possess so a hexagon would have 6 lines of symmetry. (: * * * * * However, the question is not about a polygon but a polyhedron! A prism with regual hexagonal bases has six lines of symmetry at the bases, but it also has a line of symmetry along the centre of its length. Furthermore, there are infinitely many lines of symmetry in the plane that divides it halfway along its length.

How many lines of symmetry does a regular polygon with 16 sides have?

16. 8 through pairs of opposite vertices and another 8 through the midpoints of opposite sides.

How do you find the line of symmetry on a calculator?

I have been doing research, and I found there in no way to use a calculator. But, I will list some shapes, and their lines of symmetry. Hexagon,6 lines pentagon,5 lines square,4 octagon,8 circle,never ending/to many to count decagon,10 Notice that the lines of symmetry have the same number as the number of corners. Example, octagon; eight corners, eight sides, eight lines of symmetry. It is like that with all shapes that have sides that are the same lengths. So it has to be a regular shape. Example, it can't be a flat tire( one line of symmetry, 0 sides, and 0 corners).

How many vertices does an octagon have?

An octagon has eight vertices, as vertices means the point of intersection of lines(a corner).

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