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It depends on the size of the bucket!

add. But a typical household bucket would be 10 litres, or two gallons.

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Q: How many liter makes a bucket of water?
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How many liters in a bucket of water?

Depends a great deal on the size of the bucket; but, as a general rule, close to 20.

How many liters of water makes a kilo gramme?

One liter of water is 1 kilogram.

If 1000 liter of water makes 1 ton how many liter of ago gasoline will make a ton?


How many gallons of water is there in an average bucket?

There is about four gallons of water in an average bucket of water.

How will you measure 5 liter water if you only have 2 liter bucket and 4 liter bucket?

There are two easy ways to do these with these resources: The first one is to simply fill the two litre bucket half full and fill the four litre bucket to the brim and then, all together, in both buckets you have five litres: Voila The second one is slightly more complex you fill the four litre bucket three quatre full and then fill the other bucket to the brim: Voila As well as these there are many more more complex answers to this questions

How many cups if water makes a liter?

That is about 4.4 09 cups

How many jelly beans in 1 liter bucket?

There is 250 jelly beans

How many 2 kilograms of washing powder are in a 20 liter bucket?


How many jelly beans will fill a one liter bucket?

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How many deciliters of water are there in a liter of water?

There are 10 deciliters of water in a liter of water.

How much water does a builders bucket hold?

It depends on the bucket being used. Check the bucket because it might say how many litres the bucket can hold

How many cups in one liter?

how many cups of water in a liter