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They are 5 gallons, which converts to 19L.

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how much 1 liter of water
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Q: How many liters are in a water cooler jug?
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A jug has a volume of 12000 cm cube how many liters of water can it hold?

It can hold 12 liters of water.

How many liters if water can be held in a 5 gallon jug?

18.02 liters. Thanks! ~18.92 liters in 5 gallons.

How many liter in 1 jug?

A jug is not a real unit of measurement A gallon jug? If by that, then a jug can fit around 3.8 liters to 4 liters.

If you have an 8 liter jug and a three liter jug bothe are unmarked You need exactly 4 liters of water How can you get it if a water faucet is handy?

Fill small 3 liter jug with water. Pour into large 8 liter jug. Repeat. Now 6 liters of water in large jug. Repeat again but stop when large jug full. Leaves 1 liter in small jug. Empty large jug. Pour water from small jug into large jug. Refill small jug and pour into large jug. There are now 4 liters of water in large jug.

How many 1.5 liter jugs of water will fit into a gallon jug of water?

It would take 2.52 bottles to fill a gallon jug.

How many liters does a milk jug hold?

It depends upon the size of the jug.

How many 500ml bottles can be completely filled from a jug containing 2.3 liters of water?


How many liters is in a 2600 ml jug?

2.6 litres

If you have two jugs one can hold 3 liters and the other can hold 5 liters You need to measure out exactly 7 liters of water how would you do it?

Fill the 5L jug. Pour into 3L jug so that it is full and 2L remain in the 5L jug. Empty the 3L jug and then pour 2L from the 5L jug into the 3L jug. Fill the 5L jug again. So now you have 5L in the 5L jug and 2L in the 3L jug. Total of 7L.

A jug holds 4 liters of water how many half liter glasses can you fill?

4 / 0.5 = 8 Therefore, you can fill 8 half-litre glasses with a jug with four litres of water.

How much does a glass water cooler jug weigh?

45 Pounds according to

How many fluid liters in a 160 oz jug?

160 fluid ounces is 4.73 liters.

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